The Vama Workshop will take place between Thursday 27th – Saturday 29th September 2018 and seats are limited to 60 participants. Enrollment must be made in advance. Residents receive up to 80% discounts on the registration fee if they participate with original cases presentations.

The guest speakers are from Great Britain, Italy, Greece, USA and Romania. The program and presentations will be interactive, also discussions, debates, questions will be encouraged.

The program will have many practical workshops and will benefit from numerous state-of-the-art equipment for chest ultrasound. At the end of the conference, each participant will go home with new practical knowledge, immediately applicable in clinical practice, and with new collaborative relationships for the future.

Thank you for your participation and we were waiting for you at Vama!


Confirmed speakers, 2018

Prof. Dr. Traian Mihăescu, UMF Iasi

Prof. Gabriela Jimborean, Tg Mures

Dr. Daniela Nicoara, Birmingham, UK

Dr. Kate Myall, London

Dr. Jocelin Hall, London

Dr. Andrew Hearn, London

Prof. Lorenzo Corbetta, Florence

Ioana Silistraru, University of Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Craig Batista, London, United Kingdom

Dr. Otis B Rickman, Nashville, TN, USA – via Skype

Conf. Dragoș Bumbăcea, Bucharest

Dr. Sarah Denny, London, United Kingdom

Dr. Edith Simona Ianoși, Tg Mures

Prof. dr. habil. Laurentiu Șorodoc, Iasi

Dr. Mariana Floria, Lecturer at UMF Gr.T.Popa Iasi

Dr. Alex Steriade, Lecturer at UMF Carol Davila

Nikos Koufos MD, PhD Athens, Greece

Dr. Georgia Hardavella, Athens, Greece

Dr. Laura Briotă, Dieulefit